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Another 50 Traffic Eyes Watching Over Us

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This week, another 50 Traffic Eye camera have entered into service, watching over the road network.

The cameras have been under test for a short time to ensure they are calibrated correctly and that they work, during which time drivers who were caught received a warning letter advising them of the infraction committed, but not issuing fines. From this week, the cameras are live and are issuing fines to drivers snapped by the system.

Traffic Eye from Tradesegur, is one of a new breed of cameras, which were promised by the DGT as part of a campaign to keep the roads safer.

TrafficEye and its cousin MultiRadar C, offer the most advanced technologies that are currently available for monitoring traffic, which not only check and report speeding motorists, but also other safety critical traffic violations such as not wearing a seatbelt, children and animals not properly restrained, using a mobile phone or electrical device whilst driving, and checking with the established databases to see if your vehicle is correctly insured.

Prior to these devices, only Pegasus equipped helicopters could monitor the roads so closely. Now, thanks to TrafficEye, the roads can be monitored around the clock because these devices also work at night.

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