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Welcome to a New You – The January Health Kick

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As the festive season comes to an end, many people feel the pinch around the waistline and decide to embark on a “new you” in January, with a health kick to work of those extra added kilos.

Joining a gym, a support group, on-line diet plan all see boosts at this time of year, but so does and increase in the number of people taking to the streets in their own fitness routines, perhaps walking, running or cycling off that extra baggage.

Remember, if you are on foot, walking or running, you are a pedestrian. Always wear bright, high visible clothing, stop at pedestrian crossings, keep an eye out for hidden junctions such as garage exits or side roads, and avoid distractions such as using headphones which may prevent you being aware of your surroundings. If you have to use the road remember to always face oncoming traffic.

If you take to two wheels, remember that you are a vehicle, governed by the same laws as another other, cars, vans, etc, and you must never wear headphones or use a mobile phone, always respect traffic lights, signs, signals and one-way streets, if using pedestrian crossings remember that you must dismount and walk, as with running always wear high visibility clothing.

At night and in times of poor visibility lights must be used on bikes (a bell is also mandatory), and are advisable for running or walking. If you are running or walking in a group it is mandatory.

Vigilance and visibility is vital as a vulnerable road user. Be seen, be observant and be careful, if you are hoping to improve, good luck, but be careful.

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