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April 15 is the Day of the Cyclist

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April 15 has been recognised as the Day of the Cyclist.

Although the origins of this day are somewhat historically disturbing (revolving around the creation and transport of hallucinogenic substances during the Second World War), and not to be confused with World Cycling Day (also known as WCD is held annually on the 17th of September internationally), it is a good day to remind ourselves of the need for vigilance, respect and responsibility surrounding some of the most vulnerable road users, cyclists.

Drivers should always remember to give plenty of room for cyclists, indeed a minimum separation of 1.5 metres is always required when overtaking.

When overtaking cyclists you are permitted to cross the lateral solid white lines, so long as no vehicles are approaching in the opposite direction. If they are, keep well back until clearance can be ensured.

Cyclists can help themselves by remembering that when you are riding a bike you are in control of a vehicle, and as such are governed by all the same traffic laws as other road users. You cannot ride the wrong way down a one way street, ride through red lights, consume alcohol above the permitted limits, or drugs, etc. You too must also respect other road users by only riding at a maximum of two abreast, moving to single file if traffic is wanting to pass, not riding on pavements unless permitted, and in that case giving pedestrians a similar wide berth.

The roads are shared environments where all vehicles (including bicycles which are a vehicle as we have reminded once again) have equal rights to be present. We must respect that and act accordingly. Space, patience and courtesy are the most important traits of good driving attitude.

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