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Burglary Gang Arrested in Torrevieja

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Officers from the national Police have arrested ten members of a gang based in Torrevieja who are believed to be responsible for burglaries in the region of Murcia, specifically in capital city, Murcia, Cartagena and Mazarrón, Cieza in Adra (Almería) in Elda (Alicante) and in the provinces of Malaga and Valladolid.

The ten members of the gang, all of Croation nationality, used their base in Torrevieja to plan and execute the raids on homes using a variety of techniques, including the so called “slip” technique, as well as forcing locks.

The gang used different vehicles, which they had parked in different streets in the town, to enable them to avoid detection.

The gang had a clearly defined structure for their operations, including women, adept at opening doors, using rudimentary tools such as cut plastic bottles, cans or cut X-rays. Previously they used a screwdriver to increase the clearance between the door and he frame, allowing them to slide pieces of plastic into the gap more easily, adopting the “slip” method.

Meanwhile, the men would carry out surveillance on the outside of buildings. The thefts were perpetrated when homeowners had not activated all security elements of the doors and gates.

The investigation began last April when there was a robbery at a home in Cartagena, after which the officers were able to identify various members of an organisation dedicated to committing burglaries throughout the Spanish geography. After analysing all the data of the alleged perpetrators, agents arrested seven members of the organisation in Torrevieja and, in parallel, in Malaga they proceeded to arrest “in flagrante” three other people, who had just committed a robbery in the city. Seven of those arrested are men and three are women.

During house searches, the officers recovered jewellery from various robberies and investigators are taking the necessary steps to ascertain the origins and to return them to their rightful owners.


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