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Check your Card Statement if you Shopped at Carrefour

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A consumer watchdog has confirmed that super-sized supermarket chain Carrefour double charged consumers for card purchases due to a computer error.

The problem occurred across their chain of store in Spain on August 6, 2018, and the company has said that the error was spotted and rectified a few days later.

However, if you did purchase anything on August 6, you are advised to check your statements and ensure that a refund has been issued.

A number of concerned shoppers have contacted FACUA, the Consumers in Action group, complaining about the glitch. One reported, “I made a purchase on August 6 for a total of 108 euro and on the 23rd I realised that I had been charged again that amount with the same concept.”

Another complained, “I went to the store where I made the purchase to get the amount back but the only thing they did was fill out a document where they left a record of what had happened, I had to come back a few days later and talk to a person in charge of the centre to get my money back, in cash.”

Those affected have also reported the lack of communication by the company, and have said that they only discovered that they had been charged again when checking the statements of their accounts and cards. Similarly, some have said that they have not yet been given a solution and the money has not been returned.

However, when challenged by FACUA, Carrefour assured them that they had been “punctual” in returning the money, as of Monday, August 27, they “have begun to make the returns”.

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