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Elche Firm Creates Employee Time Record System

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All companies in Spain must comply with new legislation that forces records of employee working hours to be kept and audited.

In order to try to make this easier for everyone, a company from Elche has created a system which enables staff to book on and off duty with a phone call.

The system is designed to assist companies having to deal with new laws which force them to record the working hours of their staff. Workers can sign on and off duty from any device, whether it is a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The company, Siptize, which is part of the Miguel Hernández University in Elche, created the system to allow companies to adhere to the new laws aimed at protecting the rights of workers with ease, whilst also making it simple for those workers to have their times monitored.

The worker makes a call at both the start and end of their shift, which is then recorded by the system that can provide a detailed report on the hours worked by each member of staff.

The spokesperson for the company, José Vicente Manresa, explained how the system cannot be distorted, “We ensure that calls are made from the workplace and the person who corresponds in each case,” and so the data is completely secure and in the hands of the worker who is recording their hours.

“Our aim is effective and simple solutions that comply with the new legislation,” Manresa concluded.


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