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Audit Call for Torrevieja Access Vados

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Sueña Torrevieja proposes a motion for the modification of the municipal ordinance of permanent vados.

Vados are most commonly known by the sign which indicates parking is prohibited outside a property or access route, and the permission to display such a sign has been approved by the town hall, thus allowing for the flow of traffic through the section.

Displaying a vado prohibits parking for all vehicles, including, which sometimes confuses those who have them, the occupants of the property, who are also prohibited from subsequently parking outside their home. A vado prohibits parking, it does not allow for a reserved space. They are used in a variety of locations, not just residential properties.

Pablo Samper, spokesperson for Sueña Torrevieja, affirms that it is necessary to carry out an urgent review of all the vados in Torrevieja to check that they are updated or up to date with payments and thus a solution can be found to part of the problem that has been going on for years regarding parking.

Proposals would be considered such as assessing if the vado is requested for a single vehicle, the amount of the fee increases and as the number of vehicles increases, the fee to pay decreases.

Samper states that “all the residents are aware of the big problem that Torrevieja has with parking throughout the year, but that in the high season it increases greatly. And this means that all the people who have to travel in private vehicles to the city centre face a continuous setback.”

For Samper, it is very important to remember that “in our city we find a high number of permanent vados, not always updated or used for the entry and exit of vehicles, which make parking difficult, and that all of this leads to different problems such as “be the blocking of ramps by vehicles, private vehicles parked in loading and unloading areas or pedestrian crossings.”

“That is why at Sueña Torrevieja we consider it very important to make some modifications to the vado ordinance of this municipality. Therefore, it would be necessary to consider changing the conditions necessary to obtain said licence. In addition, it is necessary to carry out an urgent review of all the vados in Torrevieja to check that they are up to date or up to date with payments.”

Regarding the modification of the ordinance “it would be interesting to assess new aspects such as: the presentation of the plan of the premises intended for a garage, the request for a report issued by a competent technician indicating that the premises are conditioned for use as a carport or garage, expressing its surface, vehicle capacity, sketch of the situation with respect to the property in which it is located and details of the accesses to it, minimum dimensions, checking that the use of the vado is for the entrance and exit of vehicles and not for other use or fire-fighting measures such as a minimum of one powder extinguisher for every two vehicles.”

Also, another aspect to assess would be the amount to pay to obtain a vado. “A proposal could be that if the vado is requested for a single vehicle this amount increases and as the number of vehicles increases the rate to pay decreases.”

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