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Mercadona delivered 7,000 litres of milk to the Food Bank of Alicante

Following an on-line petition brought against supermarket chain Mercadona by a charity dedicated to helping deliver food to the needy, the supermarket has responded to the campaign, in a positive manner.

The company firstly point out that they were not aware of the existence of the work carried out by the Asociación Menuda Vida de Perros, but went on to point out that they consider the contribution of the group to be “excellent”, and have pointed out that the company has a team “dedicated to manage the many requests we receive”, and where the company does get involved, “our collaboration is always free”.

The company then continued to clarify a few points, including the fact that “Mercadona has never charged for the delivery of donations. In fact, food is transported daily without cost to various soup kitchens in Spain”.

In 2014, Mercadona donated 1,500 tons of food to food banks and other entities, and have increased collaboration partnerships with food banks and suppliers, and continue to donate to many of the worthy causes they collaborate in, including donating almost “3 million diapers to the Red Cross”, and are actively involved in volunteer programs with their staff.

In May of this year, Mercadona delivered 7,000 litres of milk to the Food Bank of Alicante, along with 3,000 kilos of sugar, biscuits and cocoa powder, as part of the partnership that Mercadona has with the Food Bank of Alicante which will result in of 20,000 kilos of staple goods being handed over by the end of the year.

In addition, the company uses its own “Mercadona Card” to provide direct assistance to that in need, and this year alone have handed out 38,000 pre-credited payment cards via 90 entities they work with. In 2013, the charity Cáritas alone assisted in the distribution of 22,000 kilos of food. The a card with a preloaded balance is given to the family in need, so they can make their own purchases at any Mercadona store, choosing the products they need with no cost to them.

The company spoke to Inés García de Paco, president of the association, and in their statement they confirm that “As we discussed by telephone, Mercadona remain at your disposal for details on this or any similar initiative”.

The petition now has 40,000 signatures, rocketing from around 10,000 in just a few days.

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