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Both sides of the clothing issue

A vocal fighter in the battle against drugs in sports, so much so she became the head of Spain´s anti-doping agency, Ana Muñoz, the Director General of Sports, presided over another battle this week, one which could change the face of a sporting genre forever.

In a meeting on Thursday with Francisco Blázquez, the President of the Spanish Handball Federation, the question as to whether the sports kit worn by ladies participating in the beach based version of the sport was the hot topic of conversation, with the simple question, “is it sexist?”

The Spanish federation is obliges to take up the international standards for the clothing, which require the players to ensure that their lower abdomen is exposed, their tummy or midriff for want of a better phrase, whereas the bikini bottoms cannot be longer than 10 centimetres. In contrast, boys are allowed to wear shorts which are “loose and long”.

For those who don´t currently abide by the rules, there are sanctions enforceable, which is another element discussed during the conference, to try to remove such a threat to those girls who wish to cover up a little more.

The controversy was sparked by the Spanish Federation receiving a warning that after a tournament last weekend in Cantabria, the result was that 21 of the 22 women´s teams participating wore clothing of an older style which wasn´t skimpy enough, and therefore will not be allowed to play for clubs that do not enforce the rules.

In the Basque Country both the PSE-EE and the PNV, along with Emakunde, the Basque Institute for Women, expressed their rejection of the rules of the International Handball Federation.

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