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Tuesday this week sees the final stage of administrative procedure being completed, which will mean that the money obtained from the sale of plots of land on the Orihuela Costa is available to spend on the planned projects. Although the process has taken some time to complete, the relatively new administrator of finances at Orihuela is now satisfied that all required processes are complete.

One of the major projects on the Orihuela Costa is the long awaited renewal of the green area at La Regia. The original plans, which have been approved twice in the past, will see a dog park, exercise area, mountain bike track, running path, plants and trees and more, as well as a purpose built multisport area to replace the antiquated concrete fixture there at the moment. However, there is a problem with the section of land at the N-332 end of the site, in that the plot is currently subject to a court case. The plot was part of the original plans from the 1970´s and would have been destined to be given to the town hall as a green area, but the failure to register ownership has led to the plot being sold by one private company to another and the now subsequent dispute of ownership. As a result, the town hall is powerless to take any action on that particular plot, and so the entire project has simply moved along the strip of green land, the entire project simply moving along. Similarly, the town hall is unable to demolish the existing sport ground, because of the dispute of ownership. It is hoped that they will be able to carry out some work in the interest of ensuring flood water flow however.

As this project falls under a 200,000 euro amount, there is no need for the work to go to public tender, and the town hall will invite companies to bid for the work. Over a matter of weeks, the companies will be able to submit their bids, and so, it is possible that the work will finally commence before Christmas.

Other coastal projects which will be cleared for commencement from this week are the main road to San Miguel pathway work near the La Fuente commercial centre, the Eco-Park, and repairs to numerous roads and pathways around the coastal zone, some of which have never been touched for 30 years.

The new civic centre where the reading point is housed is also set for an extension, as plans have been submitted to construct an “under build”, which will create a large and open hall type room, available to larger groups and associations and make that building more of a multi-functional site than it is already.

Although there have been previous calls for a theatre or exhibition centre on the coast, the councillor, Martina Scheurer, explains that it is not possible to purchase a building with this money, as it is simply not allowed. It would be possible to rent a property and invest in changing the rented building, but the councillor says that “we don´t feel it is appropriate to waste public money on simply renting somewhere, when we can invest in the future benefit of all residents and visitors”.

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