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Bob Houliston

The untruths, distortions and insults in the press release of 5 October by Mr. Kearney require a reply.

It is assumed that the press release of Mr. Kearney was issued on behalf of Pedro Mancebo and the CLR Party although as far as we know, Mr. Kearney holds no elected office in the CLR Party and was not one of their candidates at the municipal election in 2011. But it is a safe assumption since the political style is identical to that of Pedro Mancebo.

Apparently Pedro Mancebo will amend the government decision to invest €332,000 to upgrade parks and gardens in Orihuela city and surrounding villages totally excluding Orihuela Costa, a decision which Mr. Kearney states that C.L.A.R.O. councillor Bob Houliston amazingly voted for.

Completely untrue. In fact, there was no vote. It was a decision of the government which was not supported by Bob Houliston but labelled as “scandalous” in a C.L.A.R.O. press release of 27 September which can be seen on our webpage www.claro-orihuelacosta.com

The idea that Pedro Mancebo will change this decision is preposterous. He is not a member of the government which took the decision. Mr. Kearney says that Pedro Mancebo feels confidents that he will be supported by the Popular Party. No doubt he will be but that is not enough. There is no legal way in which the two parties together can make the government reverse its decision.

The idea that CLR will be supported by the Popular Party is obvious because the two parties entered into an agreement to take over the government of Orihuela nearly a year ago, despite the main plank in the CLR election platform of 2011 being that they would never enter into a government agreement with the Popular Party headed by a leader charged with corruption. But that is where they are now, supporting the Popular Party of Orihuela led by someone who faces two charges of corruption together with another 8 PP councillors who also face charges of corruption.

Of course, CLR had no alternative but to ally themselves with the Popular Party. They are rejected by all other political groups in the Orihuela Town Council. First of all by C.L.A.R.O. since CLR broke the electoral agreement they entered into with C.L.A.R.O. in 2011. They expelled Bob Houliston from the CLR-CLARO group only months after the election and sabotaged all his efforts as the Councillor for the Coast in the three-party (Socialist-Green-CLR-CLARO) government which they helped form after the 2011 election until Bob Houliston had no other choice but to resign from the government in February, 2012. By contrast, Pedro Mancebo was expelled by the Socialist and Green government a year later. So the Popular Party was his only hope and that hope is fading fast as we approach the next elections in May, 2015.

If Pedro Mancebo is not going to be able to amend the government’s investment decision regarding parks and gardens, what is the purpose of this inaccurate and intemperate press release? It may just be motivated by the fact that CLR have been absent from the Orihuela Costa political scene for many months now. They have not joined C.L.A.R.O. in any of our recent campaigns, for example against the elimination of home postal deliveries, dirty streets during the summer, the illegal burning waste tip sending toxic fumes all over Orihuela Costa, or the campaign to save Cala Mosca from the unnecessary construction of 1,500 new houses on the last piece of green land on the coast. With the next election 8 months away, no doubt Mr. Kearney would like to resurrect Pedro Mancebo’s image on the coast. But he will not do so by untruths, distortions and insults. That kind of politics will get Orihuela Costa nowhere.

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