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The damaged police car

Members of the National Police arrested a man at the weekend in Orihuela for the possession of drugs.

The incident occurred following a road check, when a Local Police patrol pulled over the driver of a suspect vehicle.

However, instead of pulling in, the occupant of the car rammed the police patrol car and fled but, according to sources, not before the police opened fire.

The officers called for reinforcements and members of the National Police gave chase. After pursuing him across the city, which saw the accused inflict damage to several cars, they were subsequently able to identify and stop the car, before wrestling the suspect to the ground.

When they searched the interior of the vehicle they found a large quantity of drugs, which included a substantial amount of heroin, resulting in the arrest of the suspect on suspicion of a crime of drug trafficking.

A police spokesman added that he will also be charged with an offense against traffic safety and another of attempted murder, in that he endangered not only the lives of pedestrians, but also of the police officers who participated in his pursuit.

The man was taken into custody, where he will remain until a court appearance in the coming days.

During the course of the evening Police agents searched the family home but without finding drugs, although they did confiscate several items that were thought to be stolen prior to their sale in exchange for drugs.

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