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Taking part in regular exercise is a vital part of any healthy lifestyle and playing sport is a great way to be active and spend time with family and friends. When exercising, it’s important that you have the correct clothing and accessories to help you with your overall comfort and performance. It’s also important that you take care of vulnerable parts of your body, such as your eyes, to avoid any damage and to help prevent injuries.

Those who need glasses and regularly participate in sporting activities need to ensure they wear the most suitable corrective eyewear for the sport they are taking part in. There are a number of considerations to make when choosing the most suitable frames and lenses for the type of sport you are involved in. Overall glasses should fit securely, with a robust design to protect your eyes and have the right level of visual correction to improve your performance. Specsavers Opticas offer the following advice for selecting the right option for each sport.

Cycling – Wear tinted wrap around glasses that follow the contours of the face and stop wind, light and debris coming in from around the sides.

Swimming – Prescription goggles are available that make the sport far more comfortable, protecting eyes underwater and correcting vision in the same way as glasses or contact lenses.

Golf – As well ensuring wrap around glasses fit securely, lenses with green tints will help to reduce glare and offer high contrast as well as adding visual sharpness.

Tennis/Padel – If you’re playing outside, try sport sunglasses with a lightweight wraparound sport frame and polycarbonate lenses.

Choosing suitable corrective eyewear when playing sport will not only enhance your comfort and enjoyment, it will also keep your eyes safe from damage.

Contact lenses are also a popular option when carrying out sport for ease and comfort and can be combined with sunglasses, or protective glasses depending on the conditions. If you’re not sure whether they would work for your chosen sport, Specsavers Opticas offer a free contact lens trial so you can make sure you can play sports with them before you buy.

For questions about the different types of frames and lenses you should consider when taking part in sporting activities, it is best to ask your local optician for advice.

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