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It is said that the biological profile of the remains of an infant buried in the 80s do not match the mother

Three retired doctors have appeared in court in Alicante charged with stealing a baby and having it adopted thirty years ago after DNA tests conducted by the Institute of Toxicology revealed that the biological profile of the remains of an infant buried in the 80s not match the mother.

The doctors, who have been charged with illegal detention, have denied that the baby girl had survived labour and that they took part in its subsequent kidnapping by offering it up for adoption.

Preliminary proceedings were instituted about a year at the request of the Attorney after it was first discovered that the DNA of the bone remains from a newborn girl, who was exhumed from a grave in Alicante cemetery, did not match those of the mother.

At the time the magistrate investigating the case took statements from two former gynecologists from the clinic where the complainant gave birth, together with another from the doctor who signed the death certificate.

Between 1950 and 1980 estimates put the total number of children that are thought to have been illegally adopted in Spain at around 300,000. This was done through a network of Catholic Church-run children’s homes and private hospitals would take newborn infants, typically from young, impoverished single mothers, who were told that their baby had died.

Despite other ongoing investigations this is the first time in the province of Alicante that criminal proceedings have ever been made for the alleged theft of babies. It is understood, however, that a further four cases are close to appearing in court. Three of them are waiting for reports while the fourth awaits the laboratory to rule on the genetic profile of exhumed skeletal remains.

Alicante prosecutors first initiated an investigation into alleged baby thefts from hospitals in 2011 after an avalanche of complaints had reached the Nation’s courts from the National Association of People Affected by Irregular Adoptions (Add).

After three years of research, opening graves, over a dozen niches and interviews with more than sixty families, however, the prosecutor has aborted almost all of the cases because it was impossible to continue with the investigations because of DNA either matches or the time lapses involved who are alleged to have died at, or within 24 hours of, their birth, which many relatives now suspect were the subject of illegal adoption.

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