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Heike Schug with Martina Scheurer

The councillor for the Orihuela Costa, Martina Scheurer, wants to clarify the situation regarding her position and future, after it was erroneously reported in a few other news outlets that she is to leave her current position, and stand in the next municipal elections.

The reality of the situation is actually the opposite, as reported by The Leader, the councillor is not standing down from her position and is still very much holding her post within the local government team, but once this term is over, it is then that she will be standing down, and she will not be standing in the elections in May.

However, continuing with the story of the team currently residing in the coastal town hall, we also caught up this week with another member of the team, Scheurer´s personal assistant, Heike Schug. Holding one of the posts for which a councillor can choose their assistants, Schug has been by the councillor’s side throughout the term in office, and is linked to that council post. As such, once Scheurer leaves the position after the elections, Schug will also no longer be an active part of that team.

Having become a point of contact for many of the international residents on the coast, dealing with their day to day problems, complaints, criticisms and even praise, Schug has become one of the faces of the government.

The challenges the role has brought, as well as the passion injected into the post, are evident from how Schug herself explains, “To be able to passionately get up in the morning, looking forward to another day, to be able to offer my assistance and to be there with compassion can make a difference to someone and is to me personally a grateful reward. The love for this area I have now been enjoying for some 29 years has taught me many lessons. To stay positive is one of the many important things I have learned. There is a reason for every happening, every challenge that life puts in front of us. Bringing us closer to not just to get a sneak peak on fellow beings that share the walk on our path for a certain time, but also to accept their path of perception, learning and evolving. Isn’t this what the quest of life is all about?”

“In politics, there is little leeway, to be a hardened ideologist. One must stand in front of the public with strength, enthusiasm and true to one´s conscience. To compromise to survive is not everybody’s way. There comes a point, when the true question comes up if you want to compromise your integrity. Well Martina has reached this moment. It is entirely Martina’s decisions if she declines to carry on for another term, trying to battle against the odds and to overcome the constant disheartening attacks by others.

Although there is no doubt that Scheurer and Schug will be missed by many, a changing future was always inevitable, as Schug concluded, “I accepted the challenge, knowing that one day someone new will continue in my footsteps”.

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