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Carolina Gracia

Hundreds of people attended a rousing rally this week that saw the socialist mayoral candidate for the PSOE in Orihuela, Carolina Gracia, present her vision for the future of the municipality, should her party win the elections in May.

The La Lonja exhibition centre in Orihuela was the venue where more than 500 members and supporters of the local PSOE attended the presentation, along with the regional presidential candidate, Ximo Puig, and his former Basque counterpart, Patxi López.

Addressing the gathered supporters, López praised “the passion that Carolina has for Orihuela”, because “passion is the best engine to change things”. López also affirmed his belief that the Oriolana candidate is a “referent honest socialist”, and that “socialism has equality and social justice as its trademark”, without corruption or “kneeling”, a socialism that does not take advantage of the crisis to do business.

For his part, the regional presidential candidate for a socialist run Government of Valencia, Ximo Puig, expressed his gratitude to all who “have allowed Orihuela to now be a decent, honest and clean city free from political criminals”.

Puig also assured the supporters that “Carolina will have a government of the Generalitat by her side”, because “Orihuela will be at the Palau de la Generalitat” when the Valencian Socialists put an end to “20 years of abuse” and “belittling” of the citizens of this land.

Gracia herself expressed her pride in being involved and representing the Socialist Party of Orihuela, having been part of a new wave of politics in “a stained city”, the resulting cleanliness meaning that she is now “feeling increasingly proud”.

Gracia continued to describe how the legacy of the Partido Popular rule left then with the remnants of “the worst of legislatures” and “with a crushing debt” that the current socialist led coalition had to deal with. Both the local and Regional government left a “ruined and dismantled City”. Continuing to explain how despite all the difficulties encountered along the way, “we fought against resignation, because we could not give up” and allow another government to form, “and we succeeded”, she proclaimed.

Gracia then went on to thank “all those who helped us” by voting in the last elections, to “restore dignity and pride that we had been robbed of, allowing s to build a better Orihuela”. Affirming, “Thank you all, thanks for making it possible that Orihuela has changed so much in four years”.

The praise then shifted to her own colleagues, the councillors that have accompanied her throughout these four years in municipal government: “Rosa, who has made education its flag; Antonio, who has managed to be a great mayor of Orihuela in recent months; Luis, who has faced difficult terrain for the sports department but still remained a good public service; Victor, who has virtue of his youth and has become the best works council the city has ever had”, concluding her gratuities towards Ana Mas and Antonia Moreno.

Finally, Gracia stated her commitment to “continue building a city that generates wealth and prosperity for everyone, a municipality for citizens and equality”, whilst promoting tourism to support the economy, by encouraging the industry to settle in Orihuela; by valuing the agriculture and food sector, and to achieve a fast road link between Orihuela city and its coast. At this point, Carolina Gracia recalled that there have been thirty-nine times that the PP has promised this improvement since 1995, concluding that “If really appreciate Orihuela and do not want to go back. If we want to win the future, in May, let us succeed”.

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