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Javier Gracia

“El señor de la basura” (“Lord of the Rubbish”) was the title of a magnificent documentary the program Equipo de Investigacion de La Sexta produced about a known businessman in the Vega Baja.

This man has become well-known as the owner of an illegal macro-dumping site where it is suspected untreated waste was buried. Also suspected is the bribery and corruption of politicians who were accomplices in this heinous attack on health and the environment.

This is not the only case. Waste treatment businesses are everywhere, from north to south, suspected of corruption and illegal business practices that produce unimaginable profits. This kind of people do their own thing all across the country, in collusion with politicians and government institutions.

Nonetheless, we must think about the responsibility we all have in allowing such individuals to carry on. They not only are not interested in respecting the law but also care very little about the consequences of their actions on our environment, or on people. The only interest they have is growing their bank accounts at the expense of everything and everyone.

I know that for many separating rubbish to promote recycling is a hassle. It is much easier to put it all together in the same rubbish bin without thinking twice about the consequences. However, we are only hurting ourselves, and not only due to the serious damage caused to the environment for not recycling but also because it directly affects our pockets.

Spain does not produce petroleum and is therefore forced to import it. Nonetheless, everyday millions of tons of petroleum-based products end up in landfills. Material that can be recycled. How many millions in petroleum imports could we save if we placed plastic in the yellow bin? How much would the cost of petroleum fall if there was lower demand due to recycling plastic?

Currently, we are paying more than €40 a ton for waste that ends up in the landfill. We have all seen furniture, toys and other heavy objects placed in the wrong containers. What amount of our tax dollars is being squandered by not recycling these items properly?

The more waste we generate, the more attractive we make business for those “lords of the rubbish,” who only think about themselves. If we recycle properly, they would no longer be attracted to the rubbish business and we could likely put an end to a lot of corruption.

In addition, municipalities like Orihuela charge for each ton of material recycled properly. In other words, one ton of recycled material represents a savings of €40, just by not ending up in the landfill. And, we produce revenue from its sale. A double benefit.

I am not going to fool you. I recycle because I believe it is the right thing to do. Because I want to save the environment for future generations. Because I believe we are guests on this planet and we must respect it and take care of it for generations to come. But, if you do not think like I do, look for an advantage in the paragraphs above and dare yourself to recycle. We all win.

Javier Gracia was elected to the fifth position on the List of Candidates for Cambiemos Orihuela in the upcoming municipal elections.

In the above article he writes about the waste management problems that have plagued Orihuela and issues a call for every resident from the Coast to the City to do their part and recycle.

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