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This is hard to belief that some politicians promote more the culture of death than the culture of life. They want to regulate through the death of the people as the beginning of life through the abortion as the final of it (law of the dignified death) through the euthanasia with the death of the elderly, pensioners and any other person.

Euthanasia promoters are usually support in extreme cases of dramatic character with a strong emotional burden. However, we must remember that the law can not be developed on extreme cases and should avoid the "Macedonian effect"; I mean make a general rule on the basis of some exceptional or marginal cases.

Besides ideological, ethical and legal debates, it is very important to begin from the experience, I mean from the reality what has happened in countries where assisted suicide (Oregon of the US and Holland) and euthanasia (Holland and Belgium) has already legalized.

What has happened and is happening in these countries? In the daily practice it is very difficult, if not impossible, to control assisted suicide and euthanasia with rules and controls established at the beginning.

The reality is that the so-called "slippery slope" is producing because of that euthanasia is spreading from the terminally ill to euthanasia for the chronically ill, from euthanasia for the physical sick to euthanasia for the psychiatric sick and from voluntary euthanasia to involuntary.

Although at the beginning we talk about the terminally sick, then it extends to the chronically sick. Many pensioners who currently suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, osteoarthritis or asthma may be preferred objects for applying them dignified death or euthanasia.

Because of the slippery slope, we have passed to contemplate physical illness to psychiatric illness. People suffering from Alzheimer, Parkinson or depression may be threatened by euthanasia or dignified death and die.

The experience in countries that have legalized euthanasia leads us to say that the slippery slope has led us from the voluntary euthanasia to the non-voluntary. It has been proved that up to 25% of euthanasia victims occur in people who had expressed their desire to live, rejecting the dignified death
Some politicians of these nations have expressed their desire to expand the law to minors and people who are unable to express their will.

So pensioners can not be quite in view of the threat that people take their life because of outlined reasons. What to do in view of this danger? I think that we can do two things: the first one is to decide to whom we are going to deny the vote in the next elections, and the second one is to ask God for help and to the saint that we are more devotion that this law could not be approved.

Arturo Ramoro

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