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The Tweeting Pothole

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Road managers in Panama are dreading the very creation of Twitter, after a new system was developed that sent them a tweet every time a vehicle went over a pothole in the road.

20150623 - The Tweeting Pothole

The system, named “The Tweeting Pothole”, was developed in conjunction with a media outlet and creative agency, and consists of two parts. The first is a small circular sensor which is placed in the pothole, the second is a communication module, so that when the sensor detects the pressure of a passing vehicle it automatically sends a tweet to the official account of the Ministry of Public Works of the country, as a reminder of the problem.

As the sensors were placed in potholes on some of the busiest roads in the city, it wasn´t long before the Twitter account of the Ministry had a flurry of automatic tweets, thus encouraging them to solve the problem.

Now, we just need the technology to be exported to other countries and we can all share the benefits of technological advances in road maintenance.

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