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Road Safety is No Joke

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Revellers in the Seville town of Tomares have found themselves considerably out of pocket, when the consequences of what they considered to be an innocent prank saw them brought before the courts.

The local police had closed off a road for a local fiesta. Cones had been placed at the access to one of these roads. At around 05:20 in the morning, the youths were returning from a night out and decided to remove a couple of these cones, not realising that their actions were being watched by the police.

The youths not only hit a number of vehicles with the cones, they were also observed using them as “trumpets”.

Considering their actions in removing the cones a risk to public safety, the police reported them contrary to Article 142 of the Reglamento General de Circulación, considering their actions of removing or damaging temporary signalling a serious infringement.

The four youths now face a 3,000 euro fine, although they have the right to appeal and can see the fine halved for prompt payment.

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