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Things are Not Always What They Seem

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When officers from the Guardia Civil thought they were about to file a typical complaint of a driver of a passenger car diving in a restricted lane, they became surprised by what they found whilst processing the complaint.

The vehicle was travelling on the A6 in the direction of Madrid in a lane which can only be occupied by vehicles carrying more than one person, an invention aimed at reducing congestion by encouraging car sharing.

However, one of the officers monitoring the lane observed what was considered an unusual sight for a summer´s evening. The passenger, apparently a child, was wearing a winter coat, hat and headphones.


Whereas the first instinct might have been to question whether the child was allowed to sit in the front seat, upon closer inspection, it soon became clear to the officer that the passenger in the car was not human, but was rather a life-sized doll which was sat in the passenger seat.

Although having dolls in the car can sometimes be used as a deterrent to give confidence to more vulnerable and nervous drivers, the only conclusion that could be drawn from this incident is that the driver was hoping to exploit the lane restrictions by pretending to have a real human passenger in the car with him.

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