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Almost Two-Thousand Drunk and Drugged Drivers Caught in a Week

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During the last intensified campaign to crack down on the use of alcohol or drugs before driving, some 1,912 drivers decided not to #chooseright, and are now facing the penalties for their actions.

Between the 12th and the 18th of December, 129,309 tests were carried out on drivers, resulting in 518 being found to have consumed drugs, and 1,394 having consumed an excess amount of alcohol.

During the tests, of the 518 road users who tested positive, 514 face administrative charges, whereas 3 have been brought before the courts following their involvement in an incident where drugs were found to have been a contributing factor, and 1 person is facing court for refusing the test.

As usual, the most commonly consumed drugs are cannabis (387), cocaine (187) and amphetamines (46). It should be noted that of the 85 drivers who underwent the salivary test for committing an infraction, more than half (46) tested positive for drugs.

As for alcohol, from the 127,892 breath tests which were carried out, 1,394 drivers were found to have consumed an excess of alcohol, 1,162 detected in preventive controls, another 92 after committing a traffic infraction, whereas 131 were tested having been involved in an incident in which alcohol was found to be a contributing factor. A further 9 people were found to be positive after they displayed obvious signs of having consumed alcohol.

At 1,156 administrative proceedings were opened, while 238 were instructed to move to the judicial authority for exceeding the rate of 0.60 mg / l in exhaled air. In addition, 6 drivers were brought to court for refusing to perform breath tests.

Spain has a lower maximum limit for alcohol than other countries, such as the United Kingdom, but the only safe limit is zero. The fines and sanctions increase depending on the severity of the offence, and repeat offenders are treated to far harsher sentences.

With an increase in the use of drugs before driving, these penalties are also high, however, the ultimate price is often paid by those who are innocent in situations caused by alcohol or drug use, as countless innocent lives have been lost at the hands of those who have risked their own lives, and the lives of others.

Remember, the only safe limit is zero. Checks will continue day and night on the roads of Spain, with even more intensified checks during the Christmas period. If you are going out for the night, visiting friends, celebrating, the safest choice is public transport. Never forget the risks and always #chooseright.

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