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Focus on Speed Ahead

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August is the summer month in which there are more road trips than any other, with a forecast of more than 45.7 million trips.

With the aim of ensuring the safety of travel, the DGT will carry out two special surveillance campaigns. The first of them against inappropriate speed: During the week of August 6 to 12, there will be an increase in checks on the compliance of speed limits. It will mainly focus on conventional roads, which is where the established limits are most violated and where more fatal incidents are registered. The controls will be done from both the air and on the road, with fixed and mobile radars

The second campaign will be monitoring the consumption of alcohol and drugs at the wheel. During the 13th, 14th and 15th of August, preventive controls will be increased, since they are days in which many towns celebrate their patron saint festivities.

Safer roads are the responsibility of everyone. Attitude, courtesy and respect are called on from all road users, irrespective of the vehicle being driven, as attitude is the number one defence against road traffic incidents.

When on the road, respect the rules of maximum permitted speed, taking into account the road, vehicles and conditions, avoid distractions completely, such as mobile phone use and even music, driving requires 100% concentration. Although there are established limits for alcohol, it is best to avoid it all together if you are going to drive, drugs should also be avoided, and you should check with your pharmacist or doctor if you are on prescribed drugs.

Vehicle maintenance is also a crucial element of road safety. Make sure your vehicle´s lights are clear and working, same with the windscreen, and that you have plenty of screen wash in the tank. Check your tyres regularly for signs of wear and for any signs of damage.

If you are on a long journey, take a break every two hours or so, more often if you do feel tired and stop until you are refreshed enough to continue, irrespective of any delay you may incur.

All vehicle occupants must wear a seatbelt and children under 1.35m must be seated in the back, and in a seat suitable to them.

As well as respecting speed limits, also remember to respect the minimum distance between you and the vehicle in front. Invading this safety distance is aggressive, unacceptable and considered most serious, as it causes so many incidents.


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