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One of the most serious consequences of this process, accepted by the European Commission, is the loss of over 10,000 jobs across Europe

The coming days will be decisive for the future of the ATM industry in Europe.

Today,Thursday 30th, the Transport Committee of the European Parliament will hold a meeting with the seemingly laudable aim of unifying and clarifying the regulatory framework of the Single European Sky. To get this, the old regulatory framework of the Single European Sky, and those related to the provision of Air Navigation Services will be replaced by a new legislative package, well known as SES 2 + .

Behind of this "good intentions", the new SES 2 + regulatory package is, in fact, the detonator of the fragmentation and privatization of the majority of Air Navigation Services. If SES 2+ goes ahead, only the Air Traffic Services will be appointed by the Member States (as a concession to the member states to avoid fears regarding the national airspace safeguard) while the rest of the services will be subject to unbundling and privatization in such a level, that will be put them completely out from the aeronautical environment.

One of the most serious consequences of this process, accepted by the European Commission, is the loss of over 10,000 jobs across Europe, along with a likely decline in the working conditions of these employees. This fragmentation and multiplication of air navigation services providers will also mean the deprofesionalisation of these essential services in Air Navigation, which will result in loss of quality in the provision of those services, as well as a deterioration of Aviation Safety itself.

Another "battlefront" on these days is regarding to the proposals of the Commission about the performance targets to be achieve by Air Navigation Service Providers during the reference period 2015/2019 (RP2). This are organized in four key areas: Safety, Capacity, Environment and Cost – Efficiency. These objectives are generally described as clearly unrealistic, even bordering the hallucination.

It will put also the Air Navigation Service Providers in serious economic difficulties, because their incomes will decrease by nearly 25 % over current. As you can imagine, like in the previous case, the impact on the quality and safety of Air Navigation Services will be devastating if this requirements goes ahead.
Both initiatives threaten to create the "perfect storm” in the skies of Europe, a storm of unpredictable end, and the first effects will be noticed soon!

Which is the reason of this? Of course, it has a clear relationship to costs reductions. Using the unfairly comparison with the United States FAA, despite the obvious differences, the European Commission is trying to find a way to reduce more and more the Air Navigation Services costs … at all cost!.

Where is the cost reduction to the Airspace users if an extra charge must be paid to support the extension of the activities of the National Supervisory Authorities?

In other words, multiplication of Air Navigation Services Providers will be allowed in order to save money, but this will lead in more expenses (and more resources) to the NSAs, because they will need money to supervise all of them … where is the sense on this?
Regarding ATM professionals, this fragmentation will probably lead to the extinction of several groups of professional like ATSEPs in Europe. ATSEPs have a deep knowledge of, not only his professional matters, but also in Aeronautical environment, which is needed to work in safety related tasks. ANSPs need dedicated professionals, not unskilled and unstable workers!

Of course, this must have a response from the Social part.

Today, the ATC EUC, the European Air Traffic Controllers Unions Coordination is celebrating an Action Day. Total and partial strikes and other acts of protest will continue until day 30.

Also tomorrow, January 30, the ETF (European Transport Federation) has also another day of protest, which includes all personnel of the ATM sector (ATSEPs, AIM managers and ATCOs among others). The protests planned by the ETF, which consist of temporary stoppages, press conferences and press releases spread throughout all Europe. Protest will also be located in Brussels, in front of the European Parliament.

All workers in the European ATM Sector supported the creation of the Single European Sky, and the social part has been actively involved both on the legislative development and the also in the concept and research projects at SESAR JU. However, today we cannot accept this attack on the labor conditions of workers in the ATM industry and the future of the respective ANSP’s in which are they serving.

The FSAI supports both initiatives, which are aimed doubtless to the same aim:
To stop the SES2 + initiative, who has a dogmatic approach to liberalization of air navigation services, ignoring the public service nature of the ATM Industry. Stop a process that harms workers, both in the quality and quantity of their jobs. Stop a process, which seriously jeopardizes the economic stability of the Air Navigation Service Providers, affecting among others the tourism industry our country.

Stop a process that puts the goals of “cost efficiency" before than Safety, and stop a process in which the human factor should be one of the pillars on which the SES must be supported.

Therefore, the FSAI calls all its members and the rest of AENA workers to express their protest against the European Commission.

All actions will be coordinated both within the IFATSEA Eurogroup, and through direct contacts with trade unions, professional associations and other ATM industry professionals in Europe and in Spain.


To follow live TRAN Committee session on the 30th:

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