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María del Carmen García

A woman who set fire to a man who raped her daughter, killing him in the process, has entered prison after a lengthy battle and appeal to remain free for what many consider was justice for the crime committed by the man.

María del Carmen García entered the Foncalent prison on Thursday, as the judge in her case feels it only right and just that the sentence be served in this case, as the circumstances which led to the killing do not prevent the execution of the five and a half year sentence.

In 1998, María del Carmen García, of Benejuzar, was sentenced to nine years in prison for setting fire to man who had raped her then 13 year old daughter, having first doused him in petrol. The man died several days after the incident from the severity of his burns.

The women spent a year in prison, during which time the Supreme Court reduced the sentence to five years on appeal, thereby reducing the penalty by two degrees. Having served 12 months in prison Carmen García was released on parole while an appeal based on her mental disorder was considered but her lawyer said that she could be readmitted at any time.

On Thursday, speaking to the media before entering prison, Carmen García said she was “fine” as her ordeal is now “over”, after having to attend Orihuela every week for the last eight years. Her daughter, Verónica who accompanied her mother, also said that they are now “calmer”, as this is what “God wants”.

The family´s lawyer, Joaquín Galant, has insisted that he will continue to demand freedom under supervision for the convicted killer, reiterating that she is “mentally ill”, whilst also concluding that he believes that things are going to be “fine”, as she will receive “good medical care”.

The courts in Alicante decided not to grant the stay of execution of the sentence of imprisonment of five years and six months imposed on María del Carmen García, as she has been convicted in the case and the fact that her condition is “neither an incurable disease” and one that will not be “aggravated by prison, or be treated whilst incarcerated”.

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