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The attractive police uniform

A union representing local police officers across Valencia has denounced what they believe is an unacceptable situation which is leading to countless officers being unduly and unfairly attacked whilst on duty.

The union states that numerous officers have raised the matter as being of grave concern, as the bright yellow markings of their uniforms appears to attract more than their fair share of mosquitoes.

In order to deal with the problem, the union is calling for the head of security to replace the uniforms with a plain dark blue version, as has been done in some other areas, in order to reduce their attractiveness to the female admirers of the insect world, craving their blood.

The union also claim that the change in uniform will also improve the quality of services provided to the community, and avoid the police being confused with other municipal workers, such as cleaners. This is also one of the reasons that the union believe a number of complaints have been received from members of the public who have claimed that the police have failed to come to their aid, the fact that the members of the public have mistaken these cleaners for police officers.

A further improvement would be that the cost of the uniforms would be cheaper, saving the public purse some money along the way, although so far the government has stated that there are no additional funds to replace the uniform, as the 750,000 euro budget needed to replace then current supply, for a uniform that includes the high visibility elements which also serve as a safety device to those wearing them, is not available.

A number of officers held a recent protest over budget cuts, as many of their vehicles are more than 30 years old, as are some of their weapons, and so they took to the streets in protest with many of them wearing nothing but their underwear and lingerie.

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