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When you wake on Sunday morning, you should pay attention to two important pieces of technology. The first item of attention would be your clocks, setting them back an hour. The second piece of equipment is your TV, re-tuning it to receive the channels you may have got before the weekend.

In order to clear the way for mobile phone and tablet use on currently occupied frequencies, the Spanish government has forced television broadcasters to move to new frequencies. A state bulletin was published this week that gave those broadcasters a window in which to carry out the switchover, which was set to coincide with the clock change, between 02:00 and 06:00 on Sunday morning.

This batch of changes affects many of the main Spanish stations, broadcast through a normal terrestrial system, although some have until the 1st of January to make their final switch.

In order to ease the burden on communities facing the change, the government offered a grant to pay for the retuning of communal and shared receivers. The information from the government states that if your building has more than three dwellings, it is likely that your reception system is a programmable control unit or a system of single-channel amplification. In both cases the property manager or the president of your community owners must call an installer to prepare your collective building antennas for receiving the new channels. It is for this that a government grant is possible.

The grant must me applied for through the government channel by the community president of property management, who must have an appropriate tax code and bank account, and the work must have been completed by an authorized installation company, a list of which is available from the Spanish government.

However, in those homes that have a system of wideband reception, primarily single family homes and buildings with less than three dwellings, adaptation is not necessary, because the receiving system is already capable of receiving the new frequencies, without the need for any adjustment, other than a possible rescan of your channel list. If you do not conduct a rescan, you will lose some of the channels from your list.

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