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This is what the form will look like

Over 2,000 voting application forms are currently arriving by post at the addresses of those who have registered on the Orihuela municipal register (Padron) since 2011.

These are the lucky ones who can register to vote the easy way. For others it is proving to be a struggle. There are obstacles being placed in the way of registering to vote and, it seems, in certain places, a lack of sympathy for EU, non-Spanish residents living in Orihuela Costa, to exercise their right to vote.

Receiving the application form by post, confirms the right and eligibility to register to vote. With a cross and a signature, without going to Playa Flamenca Town Hall, the form can simply be returned with the postage pre- paid. Next May those residents who register now, will be able to vote and strengthen the voice of Orihuela Costa in the new Town Council which will be elected for a period of 4 years.

This photo shows how the form looks. It shows how it will arrive by post (left) and how it appears when opened (right).

The document which arrives by post should be opened carefully along the perforations. Check the details to make sure it is correctly addressed and then MOST IMPORTANTLY put a cross in the SI/YES box and SIGN the form at the bottom Fold back together, stick down and post it free to the address which will appear when folded back into place. It should be returned without delay and well before the electoral register closes at the end of December.

For those with Internet access, the form even provides the possibility to register to vote by Internet, though a little more complex, just follow the instructions on the form.

If you have any doubts or questions, please come to the Register to Vote Information Desk in the Playa Flamenca office of the Town Hall or contact C.L.A.R.O. (TELEPHONE 661 333 593)

We urge all those who receive this application form by post to take the opportunity to register to vote. Once you do so, you stay on the voters list for as long as you remain a resident of Orihuela.

Orihuela Costa is hugely under-represented in the present Town Council with only two of 25 councillors elected from the coast and only one of the two from an Orihuela Costa-based party, C.L.A.R.O. The Orihuela city-based parties have their own priorities and spend the money of the coast on the people living in the city and surrounding villages who they hope will vote for them in future elections.

If we want to make up for the inadequate services, if we want clean streets, proper parks and gardens, a police station open 24 hours, not in a patrol car after 5 p.m. when Playa Flamenca Town Hall closes, WE MUST HAVE A STRONGER VOICE IN THE NEXT ORIHUELA TOWN COUNCIL.

Orihuela Costa has virtually no social facilities, no library, theatre, or meeting rooms for activities for young and retired people.

All Spanish cities have these facilities and services. Orihuela city has them. But the coast, with a population of 35,000, equal if not greater than Orihuela city, does not.

The solution is to elect more councillors from Orihuela Costa. NO VOTE, NO VOICE.

If a reasonable percentage of the over 2,000 who receive the voting application form by post make use of it and vote next May, these new voters could cast enough votes to elect an additional councillor.

With C.L.A.R.O’s campaign to get as many Orihuela Costa residents as possible to register on the voters list and to vote in May, 2015, we believe next year’s elections could be a turning point. We might at last get a fair deal for Orihuela Costa!

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