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Children are always the victims in a divorce. So says a British study, a survey of 500 children of 14-22 years who lived a break at their home.

19% worsened their performance in school and 15% were forced to change schools. The children were used by the parts of the couple to attack each other; 32% felt used in the fights of their parents.

The research was sponsored by "Resolution," an association of 6,500 family lawyers in England and Wales. The authors conclude that "children can not develop well if their emotional life is an embarrassment."

The stress of divorce of their parents is pushing 14% to alcohol and 13% continue to addiction to drugs. The 65% who lived the drama in their infancy had difficulty obtaining graduate school.

Molly Baker, a 16-year-old from Sheffield, who was seven when her parents separated, recalls how her life changed in a joint custody: "Having to live between two houses during the week meant so much stress." Emma Austin, specialist in support at home in the Frederick Bremer School in London, explains that "anyone working with children and having witnessed family implications of a breakup knows that the effects are devastating for children.

" In the UK, each year a hundred thousand children under 16 years suffer the divorce of their parents..
Moreover, in Spain more than 95,000 couples divorced and 4,900 separated during the year 2013. Currently, two divorces are recorded each year per thousand inhabitants.

The average age of women who dismember their marriage is 42 years and for men 45 years. In 76% of the cases, the women receive the custody of the children. The sufferings also reach the family environment. The fifth of English children who are children of divorced parents, didn’t see again the grandparents of one of the parties.

British experts say that fighting in front of children is a source of stress, anxiety and psychological problems.

clementeferrerrosello@gmail.com Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.

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