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Following a landmark ruling by Barcelona Judge Juan Augustín Maragall, sex workers in Spain are now entitled to a contract by their employer who should also pay their social security contributions.

The ruling means that they are now entitled to the same rights as other workers, which also means that they can claim benefits if they are unemployed.

Judge Juan Augustín Maragall, sitting in Barcelona, ruled that prostitutes should be given a contract by their employers, who should also pay their social security contributions.

The court decision was made after a massage parlour offering sex services was raided by labour inspectors. Three prostitutes were found to be working there without the appropriate employment and as such the judge ruled that the management had violated the women’s rights. The Company, called Xcenter, will also have to pay backdated national insurance contributions for the prostitutes from 2012.

The court has therefore ruled that prostitutes should be given the security of benefits, healthcare, pensions and unemployment payments to help safeguard them from being exploited.

Many claim that Spain’s economic crisis has forced more women to sell sex with the industry booming as more women are turning to it – often in desperation. Around 39% of men in Spain admit to having used the services of a prostitute.

The decision by the court in Barcelona is not yet final, as it can be appealed to the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia however pimping and trafficking remain illegal.

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