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 Abandoned skips

Guardamar resident Anthony Nicholson wrote to the Leader highlighting the neglect currently being felt in certain parts of Guardamar , areas that were largely being ignored by the City Council, particularly the developed area adjacent to the River Segura which stretches down to The Marina. He describes it as ‘the forgotten’ part of Guardamar del Segura’ and as such, like any responsible citizen, he complained via the council website.

He subsequently received a sympathetic reply advising him that the matter would be referred to the relevant council officer. That was two years ago, since when, it would appear that the matter has been largely ignored.

Tony says that the main problem is due to the fact that there are many dozens of small plots, all the property of individual owners, which are still available for sale, and now, after a decade of neglect, these individual plots have become uncared for, overgrown and are now only used as sites for the disposal of refuse, machinery, unwanted household goods and other waste equipment.

After 10 years of virtual disregard he now says that the time has arrived where the Guardamar Town Hall should order the private land owners to clean up the areas and in some cases repair or install fences and at least make the area look a little more respectable.

There are also many other areas of public land in the area that he feels are just as neglected. The largest of these is the vast area opposite MasyMas Supermarket.

Why not develop the land and put it to use, he asks, or at the very least just clear and tidy it up. Tony explains ‘You can often find mattresses and other household items here that have been dumped around its perimeter. There were plans for a Mini Golf Course there ten years ago but still nothing. Other areas of public land are at the junctions of Avinguda del Port / Enginyer Juan Garcia and Perez Hernandez / Enginyer Juan Garcia. These are also overgrown and full of rubbish and surely the Town Council can tidy these up’.

‘The community either side of the Avinguda Del Port has no soul. There is nowhere for neighbours and friends to meet, talk, socialise or eat together. Thankfully we have a MasyMas to shop in but nothing else. This area needs something to attract more visitors and make it vibrant. It needs businesses, retail outlets and restaurants.’ He also asks why the area has never been given Urbanisation Status?

Guardamar Sector Sup-7 area seems to have been originally developed with the expansion of The Marina into a Port as its main foundation but this was cancelled with the emergence of the recession. Now it seems unlikely that it will ever materialise and the neighbourhood will continue to decline unless there is investment in an area which

But to at least partially satisfy the many local residents and make the area a little more pleasant to live in, the City Council should at the very least mount a cleanup campaign in an area has so much potential and beauty adjacent the forest and beach.

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