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Cristian Miguel Angel and his father

A year and a half after 36 year old businessman Michelangelo last had contact with his son, Cristian Miguel Angel, the pair were able to enjoy a long overdue embrace when the 9 year old child finally returned to Torrevieja.

Michelangelo’s ordeal began two and a half years ago back in December 2012 when his former partner and boy’s mother Lissette SC falsely accused him of ill treatment.

He was arrested by the Guardia Civil and spent the next 24 hours behind bars, during which time the mother took the opportunity to leave the country with her child.

For a long period Lissette completely disappeared. She left no details of her whereabouts and Michelangelo was unable to make any contact.

Only knowing that she was in Italy the father made contact with relatives, before travelling to the country to begin his search. After three trips, one of which resulted in a serious road accident and almost cost him his life, and having spent many thousands of euros in the process, Michelangelo engaged an Italian lawyer who was able to trace the young boy and his mother to Brescia, a few kilometers from Milan.

Nearly 16 hours and 1,600 kilometers later Michelangelo finally arrived in Brescia. He said that nothing else mattered at the time, his only wish being to be reunited with his son.

Speaking to the Spanish Press he said that when he eventually came across the boy he had been left alone in a park. "I was able to talk to him," recounts the father, "he was wearing a dirty tracksuit", but the child was nevertheless delighted to see him. “He was a little introverted at the time but when he came to realise who I was his feelings were quickly restored”.

At first, the boy was "introverted" and told the man "who had told him he was going to abuse." Nevertheless, the child has assured him that "luckily you picked me park ‘. Cristian, for the moment, and has been able to return to their "old friends" and family who raised him from birth.

Now, after another 18 months of court wrangling, Cristian has finally been allowed to return to his former home in Torrevieja and although at this stage it is not known how long the reunion will last both father and son are currently enjoying each other’s company and making up for valuable lost time.

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