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Press release from Ángel Sáez, PSOE Candidate for Mayor of Torrevieja

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Angel Saez – Eduardo Dolon, has refused to assist in the three debates scheduled for this week. Its all an excuse to avoid debating with me.

Spokesperson for the group and mayoral candidate Ángel Sáez said this week how the foreign residents have never been seen as an integral part of the community of Torrevieja residents, a fact that he intends to change, if elected.

Eduardo Dolon, the candidate for PP for the Town Hall of Torrevieja, once again, has refused to debate with me. In one week he has rejected three debates of which he was invited because he does not know how to explain what they have done with the town during the 28 years that the PP has been governing.

The Debates

One of the debates is on the local radio, another on television, and the last with a radio station in Orihuela. With the radio stations, they have agreed to accept a substitute in his place, but the television have made it clear, if he does not personally show up, his chair will remain empty.

The candidate of PP prefers to fill the town with photos of his face.

The citizens of Torrevieja have the right to hear in the own voices of the candidates their proposals to enable them to decide which of them they want to trust their interests in. From what we can see, they will not be able to listen to Eduardo Dolon as he prefers to fill the town with posters of his face, however his mouth will remain closed for any type of debate that involves me.

I insist, and I want the citizens of Torrevieja to know that I continue to challenge him to a public debate wherever he wants, and up until now, Eduardo Dolon has done nothing but make excuses to avoid facing the citizens.

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