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It is a commonly accepted fact, not only in moral philosophy but also in everyday life, that all human beings, when have full use of reasoning, possess an inner voice that informs them about good and evil, truth and lie, justice and injustice of human acts.

This is what we call consciousness which not only informs us but also through the consideration of these acts, censures or approves them in an independent way.

The question is: what is conscience based to inform us about the goodness or evil of these human acts? I think that it is based on three factors: reason, faith in God and knowledge of the nature of things that person perceives in the world. With the reason it reflects and judges on the facts, with faith it perceives them with greater clarity and with the knowledge of the nature of things it shows its objective characteristics, challenging us to discover and know them deeply.

The natural law or natural moral law is the objective discovery of this nature of things done fairly by the person and its subsequent recognition For example, we discover the natural law when we say that people should not take over the property of others (steal) or deprive them of life (kill), or maltreat them (violence), or deceive them (lie), or abuse a minor (child sexual abuse) or have sex with another man’s wife (adultery), etc.

But we have to consider the role that the will plays in human beings which have the last word in their decisions. In effect, people may reject the faith and even the natural law (the voice of God in the heart of man) to take a subjective stance that takes them to satisfy their ambitions of power, money, domain, influences and wealth or simply for convenience or cowardice. In this case the reason is the exclusive service of the selfish attitude and tries to justify it with fallacious reasoning, imposing its own servitude to human consciousness.

This is what is happening. Since old times until nowadays, many people have chosen to reject the faith in God and the natural law to follow the dictation of willingness inclined to the ego and the power over people. With this attitude they have caused countless harms and injustices to their fellow men with greater or lesser cruelty and intensity (I will not mention names) as the concentration and extermination camps or induced abortion.

These people are those who mock or blaspheme against the Church, Jesus Christ and the faith of believers. They insult, despise, and hate God and call riffraff those who do not think like them. Isn’t it true that the blasphemy in some circles of coexistence is a common symptom of "manhood" and hateful arrogance? Or does the mockery against the Church is the cause of revelry? What a Pity!

These words do not intend to be negative, but help to discover the origin of evil that exists in the world from the beginning (the rejection of God, faith and natural law) in order to make that some people think and decide to choose radically God (the good). They must do it with greater determination and intensity and must fight hard against the evil so we can reduce it.

Roberto Grao

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