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New Restrictions to Improve Safety

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The DGT has announced a range of measures they plan to implement this year, all aimed at reducing the number of fatalities and casualties from road traffic incidents.

One of the measures announced is expressly aimed at protecting cyclists, after figures show an increase in the number of incidents involving bicycles. The plan is to restrict the maximum permitted speed on certain roads and on certain days, at times when there is a possibility of an increase in the number of cyclists using the routes, such as Sunday mornings, for example.

Of course reducing the maximum speed limit still relies on the drivers adhering to the law and respecting the maximum speed limits, and so the risk is still an issue when drivers choose to ignore the law.

Some cyclists of course should also be made more aware of similar responsible driving methods, also respecting the road and traffic law, laws which are designed to protect life, and it is not uncommon that motorists become frustrated at the seemingly selfish attitude of a small number of cyclists who also fail to practice respect.

Stricter action against all road users will be an inevitable part of enforcing the restrictions, so whether motor-powered or leg-driven, traffic officers will be closely monitoring the roads looking for those who do offend.

Another restriction which will form part of the future model will be restricting the movement of certain trucks on conventional roads which have become “black spots”, providing alternative routes for these vehicles away from the most dangerous sections.

The information on these restrictions will be published on the DGT website, dgt.es, where new sections will be added periodically.

Overall, the measures are aimed at creating a safer environment for all vehicles to co-exist on the roads of Spain, and with the increase in the number of fatalities and injuries on the roads, these are the first steps towards reversing that trend on the “Road to Zero” fatalities.

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