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Driver who Killed Cyclists has History of Drink Driving

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The driver who ploughed into a group of cyclists this weekend has a history of drink driving offences.

The cyclists were riding in a group of six on Sunday morning in Xàbia (Alicante), when the car invaded the opposing lane, crashing into the group, which resulted in two of the cyclists being killed and three being hospitalised with serious injuries. The sixth managed to avoid being hit. Preliminary investigations suggest that the driver may have been distracted or fell asleep, most likely as a result of the cocktail of alcohol and drugs consumed.

The woman driving the car tested positive for alcohol and drugs after the incident and was remanded in custody, without bail, facing charges of two counts of reckless homicide, three of gross negligence and crimes against road safety, facing prison.

However, it was revealed that the driver had previously been found driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs in 2013, resulting in the loss of her licence at the time, later to be recovered.

Not only that, an investigation revealed that the driver managed to avoid three alcohol and drug roadblocks which were operating in the area, highlighting the importance once again of not sharing this information through social networks as if the driver was not aware of their placement, she could well have been identified as being drunk and drugged before the tragic incident which has destroyed so many lives.


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