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Passenger Alcohol Tests – The Myth

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Debunking the Myths – “Passengers will be required to pass a breath test”?

A recent story has been doing the rounds on the internet over changes to the law which will come into force in July, whereas a second person in a vehicle must be able to pass an alcohol test, not only the driver.

The article, translated from Spanish, states, “A new measure proposed by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) will also force drivers and accompanying drivers to blow in the BAC test.

“According to the DGT it is good that even if the driver has not drunk there is another person free of alcohol inside the vehicle in case the driver could feel indisposed during the trip. For drivers traveling alone, this will not be taken into account, but those who are accompanied must pass the alcohol test so that at least one of the companions can count as an alternative driver. ‘We believe it is the safest way to drive, nobody knows if the driver can pass something during the trip and it is good that there is always a copilot available,’ explains Alberto Bermúdez, communication director of the DGT.

“The new measure will be launched starting next July 1 in order that this summer we can have safer roads in our country.

However, the actual proposal is in the event of a driver being stopped and failing an alcohol test. In the event of a group in the vehicle wishing to continue their journey, then the next appointed driver at the scene must prove their sobriety before continuing, as well as having all of the appropriate documentation and qualifications to drive the vehicle.

If a group of people are in a vehicle, only the driver must remain below the maximum permitted limit, although the passengers, however much they have consumed, are still required to act in a safe and appropriate manner in the vehicle, although they cannot be called upon to take over the role of driver.

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