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More Cyclists Charged with Drink Driving

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Traffic officers from the Guardia Civil in Pontevedra have charged two cyclists, in separate incidents, for drink driving offences.

The first case was in the municipality of Portas when officers received information about a male cycling on the N-550 showing signs of being intoxicated.

Following up the reports, a patrol soon located a cyclist in the Barosa area matching the description of the one reported, making his condition more suspicious by “zigzagging” along the road in the opposite direction to the flow of traffic.

The officers stopped the cyclist who identified himself as a 29-year-old resident of Barro , who was tested for the presence of alcohol to which he failed a breathalyser with rates of 1.15 mg / l and 1.05 mg / l, when the maximum permitted limit is 0.25 mg / l.

The second incident was in the ​​Torneiros area of the municipality of Mos . On this occasion, a patrol carrying out preventative checks observed a man cycling on the EP-2402, and when the man approached the control area his behaviour became erratic he cycled with “an imprecise trajectory”.

After being intercepted and subjected to alcohol tests, suspicions were confirmed. In this case, the 49-year-old male who was riding the bicycle, a resident of the town of Mos, gave breathalyser readings of 1.18 mg / l and 1.13 mg / l in first and second test respectively.

In both cases, the facts were reported and each can face fines of 1000 euro, in addition to the immobilisation of their vehicle.

Once again, these cases serve as a reminder that not only are cyclists vulnerable road users who need protection, cyclists are also subject to the same rules and laws as any other vehicle on the road. Despite the dangers and their vulnerability, as recent report showed how one in four cyclists tested positive for alcohol.

Although the best advice is to never consume alcohol or drugs when driving, or riding a bicycle, the maximum permitted alcohol limit for normal drivers undergoing a breathalyser test is 0.25mg / l.

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