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Child Rescued from Locked Car as Dad goes for Tapas

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The Police in the Madrid town of Alcorcón, rescued a child who had been left in a car during the hottest time of the day, whilst the father had gone for tapas.


The incident occurred on Saturday when the 15-year-old had been locked in the car, with the windows closed, and “in full sun”.


According to the City Council in a statement, it was the child himself who raised the alarm, banging on the windows of the car, which alerted several people who called the emergency services.

A Municipal Police patrol attended and rescued t child, with the help of staff from a local mechanical workshop.

The father of the child, who then returned to the scene, explained that he had only just gone to the bar to take a “pincho of cod”.

The now faces charges of a crime of negligence, according to the statement.

The Municipal Police have issued the reminder once again that a car in full sun can exceed 49 degrees in a period of 20 minutes, when the outside temperature does not exceed 29 degrees, and so you cannot leave people or animals locked inside vehicles.

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