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Other Healthier Ways to School

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In addition to the car or school bus there are other ways of getting to school, ways which may offer a healthier alternative such as cycling or walking.

If you are cycling, remember that when you are on the road, your bicycle is a vehicle just like any other. That means that the laws that apply to car drivers, for example, also apply to cyclists.

You are not allowed to ride through red lights and you mustn´t use a mobile phone when cycling. In addition, the use of headphones, or anything that covers or plugs into the ear like headphones, is prohibited, and so you can´t listen to music either.

It is also mandatory that your bike has a bell and always, without exception, wear a helmet.

Be courteous on your bike, be aware of your surroundings at all times, and allow plenty of room if you are passing parked vehicles, looking out for anything or anyone who may be crossing between, and for car doors opening.

Be seen. Wear high visibility clothing. This is mandatory during times of poor visibility, such as darkness or rain, as is lights, but it is also advisable at all times. Also remember that the maximum number of cycles allowed side by side is 2, and only when no other vehicles need to pass. If there are other vehicles on the road, you must be in single file.

The same applies to walking. Be seen and walk in single file if no pavement exists.

If walking in a group at night, you must also use lights at the front and back.

Always be ware, alert and careful, and your journey to school can be healthy and fun, but always trying to make it as safe as it can be.

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