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Gender Violence Awareness Events

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Councillor for Social Services, Women and Equality, Fabiana Ibarra, has launched an awareness campaign which will run from today until November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

“We do not want this date to be just a commemoration, and that is how we transmit it throughout the year, developing intense work from the Department for prevention and information to the citizens,” explained Ibarra, continuing, “the program we have designed for this year aims for us to be aware of the road to be followed to end this scourge, which is education and prevention.”

Talks, debates, theatre, dance, sports activities, concerts, workshops, exhibitions are all lined up in the awareness schedule, including a workshop ‘For the right to a life free of gender violence’, carried out in collaboration with the University of Alicante.

There are also two exhibitions that will host the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre. The first one will be an exhibition of murals made by students from the different schools of Torrevieja and will be open between November 23 and 27. The other, entitled ‘I have no owner’ will take place between November 28 and December 11 and will be the work of the artist Diana Raznovich.

The full program will be updated daily from the Facebook of the Department of Social Welfare, Women and Equality, but here are a selection of planned events:

NOVEMBER 21, 2018

Presentation of the SCAN project.

  • Attention, information and awareness of gender violence, together with the presentation of the project of assisted therapy with animals for women victims of gender violence.

NOVEMBER 22, 2018

Yoga workshop aimed at women.

  • Yoga to reduce stress and improve the quality of life.

Self defence for women.

  • Basic seminar where the general concepts of self defence are explained.

NOVEMBER 23, 2018

Roundtable discussion and information on gender violence.

  • Presentation of the 24H Women’s Centre of Torrevieja, operation and resources available to them.

NOVEMBER 24, 2018

Concert by Ana Martí.

  • Memorial commemoration day for the elimination of gender violence.

NOVEMBER 25, 2018

Guided sports activity

  • Sports physical exercise guided by professionals of the Club Náutico de Torrevieja.

Dance dramatized.

  • Dynamic dance memorial day for the elimination of gender violence. Representation of the musical theme “Una Puerta Violeta”, Rozalén

Theater on the street “Féminas. Women move the world. ”

  • Commemorative theatre day for the elimination of gender violence.

NOVEMBER 30, 2018

Workshop “For the right to a life free of gender violence: concept, identification and guidelines for its approach “, by Mª Concepción Torres Díaz.

  • Conceptual and normative approach to gender violence.


  • Exhibition of murals made by students of schools in the municipality on gender violence.


  • Exhibition “I have no owner” by Diana Raznovich.
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