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A Shopping Trip Back in Time



A Shopping Trip Back in Time

Do you ever wander down the local high street and think that you are walking in the footsteps of many who have moved in the same direction, to the same location, but across years, decades and even centuries before? If you have, and you’re in Torrevieja, you will love a new exhibition that starts today in the Palacio de la Musica.

A Shopping Trip Back in Time

“Comercios antiguos de Torrevieja y su publicidad” is the title of the exhibition that opens on Friday, 23 November, at 8:00 p.m., offering a glimpse into the past through commerce, shopping and retail.

This exhibition offers a unique glimpse into the past and is definitely worth a look, comparing a world before mobile phones, contactless payment, automatic tills, when retail was all about the humans, those who served and those who loyally shopped, creating a community within a small space and time.

Freelance journalist and reporter on the Costa Blanca in Spain, writing for a range of publications, digital and in print, including N332, This is Torrevieja, SpanishVida, Mad Black Cat, Today in Spain, The Leader, Costa Blanca People, Spanish Traffic Law, and others.

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