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Torrevieja Launches Latest Shopping Voucher Campaign

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Torrevieja shopping
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The Councillor for Commerce and Hospitality in Torrevieja, Rosario Martínez and the president of the APYMECO small business association, Jorge Almarcha, presented morning the seventh edition of the local shopping voucher scheme, “Bono Consumo”, for which the town hall will invest another 500,000 euro of public money to encourage us all to shop more in the local establishments, with the intention of generating a million euro in revenue for those businesses.

So far, from the money residents pay to the town hall through taxes, 4,441,139 euro has been given out to businesses as part of the campaign that matches what we spend with a discount, which we have of course already paid for to the town hall.

Of course, there are hoops you will have to jump through to obtain the bonus. Firstly, you have to make an appointment to attend the Comercio y Ocupación de Vía Pública office in Torrevieja,

Once you have made your appointment, which is mandatory, there is no way around this, you will need to attend, in person, with your original, personal and non-transferable DNI/NIE.

You must also have a credit or debit card enabled by your bank for online purchases.

Then you can purchase vouchers up to the value of 100 euro, for which you will be charged 50 euro, or half of whatever value you choose.

Then, keep your vouchers in a safe place, as they only become operational from 1 March, and until 1 April.

When March comes along, you can then visit one of the participating stores in Torrevieja, along with your DNI/NIE, both mandatory, at the establishment itself, paying any difference in the price of the product you want to purchase, along with the discount voucher in printed or digital format.

The conditions also state that the same person may redeem more than one voucher in the same purchase or expense. If the purchase is made with several vouchers from several people, the different DNI associated with the vouchers must be checked. The vouchers will have a value of 10 and 20 euro, of which the client will contribute half the amount, that is, 5 and 10 euro, so each buyer will have a 50% discount on purchases.

Finally, it should be noted that a telephone number has been set up for information or any incident (865 942 361) as of February 13, as well as a technical support service through two emails ( soporteapymeco@gmail.com and bonoconsumo.torrevieja@netrotec.com ).

Good luck, and happy shopping in Torrevieja!

Torrevieja shopping

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