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The Guardia Civil are advising that they have identified a new method of “tagging” properties during an operation in La Rioja, although it is likely that the method will spread to other parts of the country.

It would appear that would-be burglars are wedging a small piece of transparent plastic in the door of the property. The idea is that upon their return in a few days, if the plastic has been moved or fallen, then the likelihood is that the door has been opened, thus indicating that the property is in use.

However, should the plastic remain in situ, then the likelihood is that the door has not been opened since it was placed in position, therefore indicating that the property has not been used or remains vacant, thus suggesting that a break-in would go unnoticed.

The “tag” has been identified as having been used on both domestic and commercial properties, and even of outhouses and sheds.

Investigators from the Guardia Civil are working to identify those responsible for this new method, although it should also be noted that the choice of indicator may not be clear plastic, but that is what has been identified so far.

The crime prevention section of the Guardia Civil offer typical advice for ensuring your home or business is protected:

  • Make sure doors and windows are firmly closed and locked.
  • Always close the door using the key, not only with the catch.
  • Do not leave evidence that the house is uninhabited, such as turning off the electricity or allowing mail to accumulate in the post box, perhaps asking a trusted friend or neighbour to remove any items.
  • If you live outside a village or isolated developments, a properly trained dog may deter thieves.
  • Do not leave objects at home and create an inventory of high-value goods, including serial numbers, makes, models, details and even photographs of jewellery or other objects that allow their identification in case of being recovered after theft.
  • Do not open your door, portal or access to urbanizations to unknown people, as this jeopardizes your safety and that of your neighbours. Be wary of who comes to your home to sell you something, representing associations or aid agencies, or alleged utility workers (electricity, water, telephone, gas) you have not previously requested.
  • Make a good choice of domestic servants. If these people have had access to the keys of the property, make sure you change the locks if they leave your service.
  • If you notice marks on doors or gates, either yours or a neighbour´s, or unusual noises in unoccupied houses, notify the police or Guardia Civil, whilst also making a note of anything suspicious, including strange or unidentified vehicles and their registration number.
  • If you have been robbed at home, stay calm and do not enter the house or touch or move anything that may have been manipulated by thieves and immediately advise the police or Guardia Civil.

You can contact the Guardia Civil on their telephone number, 062, which is publicly available 24 hours a day, or in the event of an emergency dial 112, where you can also be attended to in English.

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