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'Formby's Lost Love' author Andrew Atkinson with the letter from London publishers Austin Macauley.

LOS Montesinos author Andrew Atkinson is a step closer to getting his book ‘Formby’s Lost Love’ published after a London publisher, Austin Macauley, based in Canary Wharf, has asked for the complete manuscript of ‘Formby’s Lost Love’ following a synopsis submission.

"The Austin Macauley board of editors have reported back favourably regarding the initial submission," said Senior Editor Hayley Knight. "We now wish to view the complete manuscript in its final form.

‘Formby’s Lost Love’ tells the previously untold story of school teacher Pat Howson, who was engaged to ukulele legend George Formby in 1961. Formby, who died aged 56, days before their planned wedding in March 1961, bequeathed the majority of his Estate to Pat, equating to over £2m today.

In the following decade Religious teacher Pat faced years of Court wranglings over the will; the split of her parents; the death of her mother, and her own untimely death of ovarian cancer, aged 46, in 1971.

"I am thrilled to have received notification from Austin Macauley asking for the complete manuscript of ‘Formby’s Lost Love’," said Andrew, who has a property in Los Montesinos. "It has been 54 years since George Formby and Pat Howson were engaged to be married – thwarted after Britain’s ukulele star’s fatal heart attack," said Andrew, 57.

"I have researched Pat Howson’s life story, from being a young girl, to the grave, with in-depth interviews with those who knew her best," said Andrew. A decade after Formby’s death Pat was set to enter a Convent and become a nun, to finally escape years of turmoil and hell, after challenges to his will. "Interviews and revelations have been undertaken with Pat Howson’s close friends, and her solicitor, who talks about her for the first time in 44 years," said Andrew. "Pat Howson was diagnosed with ovarian cancer – and died six weeks later," said Andrew.

"Pat’s untold life story is one of sorrow, tears and sadness, having been thrown into the limelight through George Formby," said Andrew. Formby’s link to Spain was with his hit: ‘The Lancashire Toreador’ in 1937. Formby’s ‘naughty’ lyrics included: ‘Don Pedro, the big bull-fighting hero, The Lancashire Toreador. ‘I met-a charming senor-eta. She said, ‘To love you I can never’, then kissed me good-bye for ever. That night, as she retired, she locked her bedroom door.

‘She started to undress and timidly she looked round, Said, ‘Thank God, I am rid of him for he’s homeward bound’, But when she pulled the bed clothes down now guess what she found? Why The Lancashire Toreador. ‘Don Pedro, the big bull-fighting hero, The Lancashire Toreador.

I scare ’em, no mercy ever spare ’em. In the dead of night I ramble, Spanish castle walls I scramble. ‘I saw a shadow above a girl in her boudoir. I climbed up her balcony, it started to sway. She shouted, ‘Murder! there’s a bandit, spare my life, pray’. ‘But when my castanets I rattled she said, ‘Hooray! It’s The Lancashire Toreador’.

‘Formby’s Lost Love’ author Andrew Atkinson with the letter from London publishers Austin Macauley.

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