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Leader Green Fees 7 Apr 15

Here on the Costa’s golf is one of the biggest leisure time activities for both tourists and resident alike and with this in mind we have secured the services of Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services to provide a weekly round up of local golfing events and topics and in conjunction with us at THE LEADER will provide discounted golf prices to all of our readers and run our golf competitions.

‘Smart Golf’

This article is not about your golfing attire and wearing cashmere sweaters and fancy trousers.We are talking here about how to think your way around the golf course using simple common sense. Too easy?

I make no apologies for this because failing to take a common sense approach to golf can have a worse impact than a faulty swing technique.

Here are just a few ways in which you can improve this part of your mental approach:

Play the first tee shot in your head

When you are driving (carefully) to the course or before you leave the practise area, visualise and play the first tee shot in your mind over and over again because when your face this shot for real you will feel more confident and should see better results.

Stick to your game plan

Before you commence play you should have a plan or strategy for each hole and stick to it irrespective of how you are playing, your score, how the opposition are playing or the state of the match.

Do not turn one bad shot into two (or more)

Golf is a game or mistakes, you will make them, accept them and do not try miracle shots to recover the situation, accept your punishment and get on with the game.

Putting a good score together

When you find yourself in a position where you have a good score going do not get too defensive, trust your swing and stay aggressive.

Use your shots

The handicapping system gives you shots because you need them so use them to the best of your ability and do not waste them by attacking pins tight to bunkers or hitting woods out of the rough to low index holes.

Play the percentages

Do not attempt shots with a high risk of failure, simply get the ball back into play as safely as possible and get the best score that you can on the hole and get on with the rest of the game.

Eliminate your disaster shots

Golf is not about how good your best shots are BUT is about how bad your bad shots are and so identify what these shots are and take lessons to eliminate them.

Pay full attention

Each shot needs and deserves your full attention so do not play any shot unless you are ready to play the shot properly.

Commit to the shot

Select the club that you feel is correct to play the shot, have no doubts about your selection, be positive and swing with confident controlled aggression.

We at THE LEADER are committed to providing to our golfing readers affordable golf without the need to join a club or apply for a card but simply contact the number below to have instant access to discounted golf prices, many of which are exclusive to us.


The deals shown in the table are some of the best currently available to you.

Deals of the week: 5 month membership at Vistabella between May and September 2015 for only €590 and crazy days prices at Vistabella of only €92 for 2 players and buggy (shop price €109) at weekends until June 2015.

For bookings and more information contact Mike at info@costa-blanca-greenfees.com or direct on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931 quoting reference LEADER.

Weather Watch

We won’t see the scorching temperatures of last week with an 18 degree high and there is the threat of rain mid-week with cloudy conditions most days.

Hollow Tine Watch

Vistabella – 21st-27th April 2015

La Manga North – 27th-30th April 2015

Quotation of the Week

“My wife doesn’t care what I do when I am away so long as I don’t have a good time” – Lee Trevino

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