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Postman Fails To Deliver

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The National Police have arrested a 42 year old man, a former Correos employee in Alcoy, Alicante,  on suspicion of breaching his duties of care and confidentiality. The man, who had accumulated 3,200 undelivered items, including letters, court notices, prescription pads, voting cards, Dgt and work permits in a storage room in a property in Alcoy. It’s believed he’d  had been hording the items for 10 years.

The arrest happened earlier this month,  but the man was dismissed late last year after the  detection of irregularities in his deliveries.

The investigation began when agents learned that a person had accumulated large amounts  of correspondence in a storage room of a property in Alcoy. Officers identified the owner as a former  Correos employee and managed to recover the correspondence.

After studying the correspondence, the officers found that the  letters had been accumulated since 2004 and as recent as late 2014. The illegal activity took place in the towns of Ibi, Alcoi, Muro, Alicante, Concentaina and Ontinyent.

The research was conducted by agents of the Judicial Police Station of Alcoy.

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