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Helping Children with The New Rules of the Road eBook

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The rules of the road change constantly. It is an idea that we don´t always keep abreast of, sometimes allowing our knowledge to lapse and often being surprised when we encounter the reality of what those changes mean.

Currently, the trend is about creating safer, shared spaces on the roads, where all different types of vehicles can move in a harmonious manner, whilst still maintaining safety for all, especially those more vulnerable road users.

Slowing down and adjusting to the environment is crucial to this trend, as is staying safe both within and outside the vehicles.

In Spain, some of those changes have already come into force, for example restricting children to travelling in the back seats, others will come into force in the future.

In order to help with the transition we have created an eBook, “The New Rules of the Road”, which details those changes in full, and how the future of traffic management and flow is geared more towards those shared spaces.

In addition, knowing that not everybody has access to the internet, we have also included some of the most popular articles from the n332.es website, which we hope can serve as a resource to accompany the information which we update on a regular basis.


The overall aim of the publication is to help and assist. To provide the information that may make the roads safer for all. However, because we are approaching Christmas, a time of year many people face with dread, we have decided to donate all of the proceeds from the sale of the eBook to those who are in need, facing the daunting time of Christmas without their natural family environment, by donating the profits to the Elche Children´s Care Home.

We decided to pass on the financial benefits of the sales to this registered charity because we are heading towards Christmas, which can be a very hard and difficult time for these children. So, with your help, we can all do our bit to help give them a very special Christmas, whilst you too benefit from the knowledge and information in the eBook.

We will publish a link on the website in the next few days, explaining how to purchase your own personal copy of the eBook, and at the end of the campaign we will details exactly how much your generosity has contributed towards making this a very special Christmas for the children in the Elche Children´s Care Home.

Thank you,

N332 with the Elche Children´s Care Home

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