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N332 RoadWatch – Issue 11

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The Eyes in the Sky

2017 in Review – New 2018 Laws – UK Vehicle Checks – Are Dash Cams Legal? – Newly Equipped Motorbikes – And Much, More Inside our 66 page new-look edition…

You can read the latest edition of N332 RoadWatch FOR FREE after the introduction below. Or, you can purchase the PDF version and download it to your computer or device.


Introduction by Mark Nolan…

Welcome to the latest edition of N332 RoadWatch, and welcome to a Brand new year.

Lots of changes have been implemented over the last few months, with many more set to start during the first part of this year. All of these changes have a single goal, to try to make the roads safer for all. We detail the changes that will be coming into force in this edition.

We also look back on 2017 and review the situation on the roads, with vehicles getting safer, there is still an insufficient decline in safety figures, with driver attitude and responsibility till being the main contributor.

We have also expanded this issue, and will continue to expand with each edition. We have sections on health, and travel, with more still to come, all thanks to our collaborations with quality service providers in our area.

We still have many more projects in development, some of which we will be revealing this year, others are in the early stages.

Okay, so it might be a little vague, but we don´t want to give too much away at the moment, but we are confident that you will find them extremely useful.

It´s not only us developing of course, and going back to this edition, you will see how technological advances are making road policing and monitoring a lot easier, with new motorbikes delivered this month, mobile speed radars and other new equipment all on the way, here is where you will be able to read all about them.

We also feature a section of the Guardia Civil that is often never seen, although always there if needed, the men and women of air support. This group of skilled aircrew are different from the team who fly the DGT traffic helicopters, but you will find out more inside.

For now, enjoy this edition and stay safe.


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