Home News Emergency Flood Warning to be Sent to Mobiles on Thursday – IT IS A TEST

Emergency Flood Warning to be Sent to Mobiles on Thursday – IT IS A TEST

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On Thursday this week, mobile phones around the Vega Baja area will sound an alert of a flood. This alert IS A TEST. Do not panic, although you will have to cancel the alert on your phone.

The Agency for Security and Response to Emergencies and the General Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergencies of the Ministry of the Interior has announced the test to take place on Thursday, alerting residents in the municipalities of Vega Baja.

The ES-Alert system, which is integrated into the National Alert Network, uses Cell Broadcast technology to deliver messages to the mobile phones of users in a specific area. In this way, the people affected by the emergency will hear a high-pitched sound on their mobile that in turn displays a warning text. The sound only stops when the user of the terminal confirms its reading.

This Thursday’s test is part of the Vega Renhace Plan projects, so a notice will be sent to the population simulating a flood alert with instructions for action and self-protection that would minimise the risk in a real case. On this occasion, messages in Spanish and English will be transferred to the public.

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